Culinary delights: The Miraval kitchen

An experience for your palate

There is a time for everything in life. Now is the time for enjoyment.
Everything else can be forgotten for now.

Morning happiness || Breakfast

7.30 to 10 am

We can serve you aromatic coffee, fresh milk, hot chocolate, fragrant mountain pasture herb tea and various types of organic tea directly to your table. Together with your freshly made-to-order breakfast: what about a boiled egg, fried eggs with bacon/ham or a farmer’s omelette?

  • Fresh bread from the village baker and crispy whole-wheat bread
  • A selection of organic muesli, natural and fruit yoghurt from our local alpine dairy
  • Chocolate spread, honey from our local beekeeper, fruity jams from South Tyrol
  • Regional sausages from our master butcher and cheese from our local farmers
  • Vitamin-rich juices (orange, multivitamin, apple) by Roten Hahn
  • Home-made cake and sweet treats
Organic corner

Break time is snack time || Marende

3 - 5 pm

Rumour has it that the apple strudel in Miraval is the best far and wide.
At our small Marende (extra charge) you can enjoy sandwiches, grilled sandwiches or home made cake. Or maybe even apple strudel. Mhm …

Making strudel

Sunset and afterglow || Dinner

7 - 8 pm

Let it melt on your tongue: a delicious river cress cream soup.
Tesselberger porcini mushrooms with grated mountain cheese and organic olive oil. Delightful nettle spaetzle. Apricot, red beet and liver knödel with tasty side dishes. Baked apple. Chestnut mouse, South Tyrol Äpfelkiachlan (apple fritters). Those who have a choice enjoy themselves the most. The varied menu always offers two choices as well as a vegetarian option.

  • A daily salad buffet (from our own garden as long as it is available) 
  • Use of seasonal products and ingredients
  • Vegetables from our own garden (summer)
  • Miraval specialities: S’Lampl im Heu and porcini mushroom variations
  • A wide choice of selected regional wines
  • Themed and gala evenings:
    • Christmas Eve menu, including going together to Christmas Mass, singing and a cocktail in front of the Christmas tree
    • Elegant 7-course menu on New Year’s Eve

S’ Lampl im Heu

This is made with local lamb from the Miraval farm, high-quality organic hay from South Tyrol mountain pastures, and the result is: Walter’s absolute hit – S‘ Lampl im Heu. This is a very special delicacy we serve our guests once a week.

Do you want a look behind the scenes?

The local lamb is expertly cleaned, rubbed with flavourful herb salt and grilled until a crust forms on all sides. Then it is wrapped with fragrant mountain pasture hay (organic quality) in aluminium foil. Then it is baked for 15 minutes in a 170 degree oven. Later, the lamb is carved and served on dry hay.

S’ Lampl im Heu - local lamb from the Miraval farm