Bio- & Nature Hotel in the Dolomites

A look behind the scenes

The Miraval era started with a dream …

We ran a leased business in Antholzertal for 18 years. However the wish for something of our own became increasingly stronger, until we started our search. We struck gold in Tesselberg and fell in love with the idyllic nature on the spot. In May 2009 we set our very personal milestone: the Lahnerhof became the Naturhotel Miraval in Pustertal.



A Ladin expression that basically means something that is particularly “beautiful”. In our case, we mean our beautiful valley.

A farm with the whole works

Sheep and goats in one stall, calves and pigs in the other. The natural pond is next door with nesting sites in the sun, where our ducks and chicken frolic. From November to May, Walter takes care of and feeds the animals. During the warmer months, the animals leave the stalls and go to their summer home – the sheep go to the Zösen mountain pasture in Lappach, the goats and calves go to the Tesselberg mountain pasture. Whoever believes “auf der Alm da gibt’s koa Sünd (there is no hanky-panky on the mountain pastures)” is wrong, because during the summer months things get hot: It is mating season for sheep and rams! In the fall, there is a birth almost every week here …

Grandfather’s wisdom

"Make sure you bring lots of food home during summer,
that way you don't need a veterinarian during winter."

First the work, then the fun

While the animals pursue their passion on the mountain pasture (Eat-Love-Sleep-Repeat), we start to make hay. The mature grass is mowed – once without machines and only using a scythe – and then left in the field for a day to dry before it is raked together and brought to the food storage. If you think that is the end of it: there is the second (“Gruimat”) and the third hay cut (“Pöifl”). Not a simple task, but that is life on the mountain farm.


Pure idyllic nature -
and it should stay that way.

Environmental protection and sustainability are important topics, which were all kept in mind when we carried out our renovations and improvements at the Naturhotel Miraval in South Tyrol:


  • We use the best mountain water!
  • Also - and in particular - nature takes its own stage in the kitchen. Creations such as nettle spaetzle, river cress cream soup, chestnut mouse, and many other specialities.

Natural materials

  • Beds, pillows and fabrics are made out of natural materials.
  • We do our laundry using environmentally friendly detergent and dry it in the sun.
  • We avoid plastic packaging as far as possible. Also lunch is packed only using paper bags.

Renewable energy

Since 2011, our chip plant supplies the hotel with renewable energy. Chips are the residuals of wood that are no longer needed and serve us well by providing us with a pleasant warmth.


  • Our fields are fertilised only naturally. Whatever wants to grow can grow, however much it wants –
    this is how our wonderfully natural flower meadows are created in Tesselberg.
  • We also give our animals time to grow and do not use additives.
  • We feed our pigs with the organic waste we produce.