Your hosts & ambience

Courage to live naturally

Everyone can be a host. Whereas real host friends … can also be found at the Naturhotel Miraval in Tesselberg. There is still one question to be asked: are you our ideal guest?

Family Plaickner - Naturhotel Miraval

Host friend Walter

Artist at the stove, sheep whisperer and bon viveur

Whether it is buying ingredients, culinary art or plate decoration: it is a matter for the boss and it is Walter’s territory. If he is not swinging his cooking utensils around, you can find him at the farm with his animals. His sheep go with him to an exhibition once a year, which usually ends with a least a super ranking. For the most handsome ram in the sheep pen … Walter (😉). In the evening he loves to mix with our guests, where he enjoys sharing his stories and jokes. You have one chance to say who laughs loudest …

Host friend Helene

A talent for organisation, a do-it-yourself woman and best listener

She is basically an all-rounder on two legs, as her knowledge seems basically endless: from A for A great destination for all ages to D for Don't even think about not seeing it and F Freshly poured cool beer and Z for Zest for listening and giving the best advice. When you are thinking that it is all over, a little light arrives from somewhere – in this case it is Helene, who sometimes even replaces a light bulb. Also in other cases, if you are with Helene you are always in the right place.

Host friend Victoria

Accordion expert, receptionist and house daughter

You can find her at the reception, where she can give you all the information you need for your holidays, in the restaurant where she brings her dad's delicious food to our guests, and naturally playing her accordion. While her dad Walter entertains those who enjoy his jokes, Victoria uses her musical art to ensure smiling faces and lively evenings.

Host friend Andreas

A numbers genius, marketing expert and son of the house

The same friendly approach of his parents, the know-how of a marketing all-rounder – you can also see Andreas now and again at the hotel. He helps out when there is a need. Plus, if you don't know what you should do one day while here, ask Andreas: as an athletic travelling journeyman, he knows every corner in the area and can give you one or more good tips.

Host friend Benjamin

Proud father and son of the house

Benjamin lives with his wife Jonela in Niederrasen and they have a small daughter called Thea. Whenever he can, he comes to visit and little Thea wraps her grandma Helene around her little finger.

Ideal guest
Unser Lieblingsgast

Looking for ideal guests!

We are sure – you are out there somewhere and you are hoping to go on holiday at the Naturhotel Miraval. Far away from the hustle and bustle, far away from cities, and therefore very close to nature. Do you think you will fit in here and we are on the same wave length? You can find out now …

You are not an ideal guest …

  • if you can't stand pure nature and already on the way here you already want to turn back.
  • if you are not looking for quiet, rather prefer the Reeperbahn or Las Vegas.
  • if you come irritated on your trip to the hotel because there is no highway and because of the speed limit.
  • if your motto is “See and be seen”.
  • if the words “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” aren't part of your vocabulary.
  • if you don't know what to do with simplicity and a down-to-earth nature.
  • if you can’t tell the difference between a delicious sauce and a ready-made product.
  • if you see making trouble and complaining as your sacred duty.
  • if you unable to understand the enjoyment of a night-cap (our hay schnapps, for example).
  • if you think that cows are purple and make chocolate.
  • if the natural aroma of the countryside bothers you.
  • if you just want to show off your luxury car, your luxury watch and your luxury character.
  • if you have no time for idyllic mountain pastures.
  • if you value good cell phone reception.